if you feel up for a challenge, get yourself on your bike and get yourself ready!

As a friendly group of organisers, we bring to you Midweek Mountain Bike Cross Country racing in the North West. We consider our encouraging grassroots series to be part of the great variety of options for North West riders and look forward to seeing you at Midweek MTB Madness.

These events are great for newcomers and seasoned riders.

The Midweek MTB Madness series has long attracted a core of loyal racers and enthusiasts at each round and 2018 brings us to the 9th year of the series.

We encourage more people to come along and join the fun.

Do you feel up for the challenge, fettle your bike and get yourself ready, come and give it a try!


Midweek is usually Wednesday, but watch out, we have a Thursday and a Saturday evening event too! More information to follow…


Every round is at a different venue in the North West mostly around the Greater Manchester area but with a few curve balls – see the list!


Haigh Hall

Chorlton Water Park

Wild Boar Park

Lee Quarry

Clayton Vale

NOTE – there are plans to include/advertise other midweek mtb events, but they will not be part of the 2018 series and therefore will not qualify for series points.


Mountain bike, (bar end plugs must be in place), helmet, good humour and encouraging attitude!


Racer- experienced rider, good level of fitness, may have a racing licence (don’t worry, not essential)

If you are a vet category – please indicate which age group on series sign up. Vet 40, Vet 50, Vet 60

Enthusiast category designed for the fun rider, who wants to get the feel of racing. Please don’t enter this category if you are just after easy prize money! We can spot a ringer a mile off!

Youth born 2002 – 2003– in year of 15th or 16th birthday

Juvenile born 2004-2005 – in year of 13th or 14th birthday


Our youth and juvenile category need to be experienced, confident riders and racers as they ride in with the main field. If unsure, please contact the organiser or the midweekMTBmadness facebook page.

Don’t prejudge the pace of these youngsters, they ride fast but their race is shorter (40 minutes) – remember that if you are trying to keep up with them! What if the youngsters don’t feel up to the main race or are too young?


Follow links from website or facebook to event on British Cycling website



Enthusiasts and Racers £11.00 + £1 admin fee

Youths and Juveniles £5.00 + £1 admin fee

Please use the icon link on the site to enter online.

Closing date for online entries is 11pm Sunday evening prior to each event.


Enthusiast and Racer £15.00

Youth and Juvenile £8.00




Click on the event and check the Go-Ride tab for more details £3.00 on the day.

All venues endeavour to put on a Go-Ride event – subject to volunteer club and coach availability.

The Go-Ride coaching and racing is very important to the Midweek MTB Madness series and is supported by volunteer Go-Ride clubs and where possible, British Cycling coaches. These are our future riders for the main event! Follow the event link and check the Go-Ride tab on main event on the British Cycling website. The supporting club will appear on the link. Please check closer to the event date. £3 on the night.

MAIN RACE SIGN ON – opens at 6.15pm

Try to arrive with time to get a practice lap in – get your number board first.

Please sign on at the registration point to collect your race number board and zip ties.

Your number board is for every race in the series – don’t lose it – keep it for the next round.

Numbers will be forward facing and attached to the handlebars by zip ties.

Lost/replacement number boards will be £5.00


7.15 pm Racers Men – 1hr race

7.16pm Racers Women – 1hr race

7.17 pm Youth/Juvenile – 40 minute race

7.18 pm Enthusiasts –Men and Women 1hr race


The race will be a minimum of 1 hour for most, based on an approximate lap time of 9 minutes.

The race will be a staggered start and split into the various categories.

Commissaires will work out laps to go based on the lap times of the leaders, the ‘laps to go’ will then be put on the number board.

Youths and Juveniles have a separate finish – the- leader to finish as close to 40 minutes as possible – Yellow Boards.

Please note – juveniles at


We will try to grid all races to allow for a safer start and to improve the flow of the race.

The top 15 overall in the Series will be gridded.

Common sense to be applied. (faster riders to the front)

Sponsor Support for Midweek MTB Madness Series 2018

Thanks to some great sponsors for supporting our grassroots events!

Hutchinson Tires – Race Tape and Series Prizes

Lusso Bike – Series Prizes

Bike Shak – Number board sponsors and enthusiast women’s prize every round.

Chris Meads – reduced photo costs and photos at each round, race write up

Bum Butter – £100 of product each round

Kingud – 3 Bike cleaning products – spot prizes each round

Horwich Cycle Service– Bike Service – each round

Velo 21 – Bike prep kit – spot prizes each round

Michigan print – Thanks to Steve Simpson for past event support and printing

Chatsworth Print – posters

Random Adventure – sharing his website manager/hosting site – Horton website design

The Castle Lodge B & B (near Bike Park Wales – long weekend for winner and 7 friends – spirit of grassroots racing


EVENT PRIZES – 1st ,2nd, 3rd in each category

EACH ROUND EVENT PRIZES – 1st ,2nd, 3rd in each category listed below.

Each round has equal prize money.

Each round has spot prizes distributed through the field to encourage and reward participation.

Spot prizes will be awarded at the podium – if you are not there it goes to the next selected board number present according to spot prize criteria.

Racers Male £20 £15 £10

Racers Female £20 £15 £10

Enthusiast Male £20 £15 £10

Enthusiast Female £20 £15 £10

Youth Boy £10 £5 £5

Youth Girl £10 £5 £5

Juvenile Boy £10 £5 £5

Juvenile Girl £10 £5 £5

FREE DOWNLOAD FROM CHRIS MEADS PHOTOGRAPHY – We have bagged our exclusive photographer who will also do race reports!

Your efforts will not go unnoticed – so smile, gurn, grimace or wave, your racing image will be available online for download after the event. FREE. (use for personal social media – granny’s mantelshelf etc- no commercial use without contacting Chris Meads)

EXTRA – some events may have additional sponsor prizes – please see website/facebook info


6 races in the series – best 5 to count for the overall

Series Trophy/medals for top 3 in each Male and Female category

Juvenile, Youth, Junior, Enthusiast, Racer, V40, V50, and V60

Series Prizes from Hutchinson Tires and Lusso, Bike Shak, Bum Butter

Top 1,2,3 men and women in each category -Enthusiast, Juvenile, Youth, Racer

In addition to the categories recognised on race nights, series prizes will also recognise the top male and female in the following categories


Vet 40

Vet 50

Vet 60


6 races in the series – best 5 to count for the overall

The Overall series will be based on the overall points accumulated over 5 events (You must have raced at least 4 races to qualify for the series overall).

every event will count towards the overall series result.

Average points will be awarded to any rider volunteering at one event in the Series. Please make sure you sign the volunteers sheet at the event for average points to be awarded.

Riders can have a friend or family member volunteer on their behalf.


The series is brought to you by volunteers, local clubs and the hard-working British Cycling team. So, if you would like to get involved in any of the events in a volunteering capacity, please let us know; we would love some help making these events a success!

We operate an average points system for riders who marshal at an event.

If you could make yourself available for volunteering, this would be much appreciated. Each event has a facebook page on Midweek MTB Madness – the event organiser can be contacted – they will sanction the allocation of average points after the event.

We would require your phone number or email to keep you informed.

ANY QUESTIONS? – please ask.

ANY SUGGESTIIONS? – please politely give them, preferably by contacting the page or website.

ANY COMPLAINTS? – Please let us know via private message, contacting the page or website – remember we are all volunteers

FEEDBACK – What the people say… past event reviews

“Always fancied having a go at MTB racing (been a keen competitive runner for years) and turned up to

watch the first one of these last year. I pootled up to spectate just when they were lining up.

The starter asked me if I wanted to ride and held everyone up for a minute or two till I got a number.

It was ace, great course, great organisation and very friendly people. Great fun and low-key entry into competitive MTB racing. Looking forward to doing them again.

If you are a first timer or a bit nervous about racing don’t be. Do these and have a great time!!!”

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